The World’s First “Walk Away” Breakfast Sandwich using a freshly made pancake!

Featuring sustainably grown Shepherd’s Grain Washington Wheat
Low in calories and fat
No trans-fats or hydrogenated oils
Fully cooked, shelf stable in your freezer
Just heat and serve!

Get the product that's being used in so many kitchens!

From simple do it yourself meals to even being used by sioux falls catering for events!

You can't go wrong!

To find a store near you carrying the Ultimate Pancake Sandwich ... GO HERE!

Quote of the day: From My 5 year old granddaughter ... as she sits down to eat her morning pancake pockets.

" Papa, why did you give me a napkim, pancake pockets don't make messes".


Cedar River Foods, LLC.
Creators of the Ultimate
Pancake Breakfast Sandwich!

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