About Us

It took the creative genius of three Seattle natives,
co-founders of Cedar River Foods, to come up with a
revolutionary new breakfast product that’s as unique
as it is delicious. The Pancake Sandwich is proof
positive that great ideas and great ingredients make
for great results! A breakfast sandwich wrapped in a
pancake, these sandwiches are available in three tasty
varieties— egg and cheese (for the vegetarian crowd)
egg and cheese with pork or turkey sausage. The key to the
great flavor and nutritional value of our pancake
sandwich is that they are made using sustainably
farmed, nutrient rich Shepherd’s Grain wheat flour.
Bakers across the Northwest use the exceptional,
sweet flavored flours of Shepherd’s Grain to produce
flavor packed, nutritious results—and so do the folks
at Cedar River Foods. Better still, these 100% natural,
low fat, low calorie breakfast treats are quick and
easy to prepare. Just heat, serve and enjoy!



Cedar River Foods, LLC.
Creators of the Ultimate
Pancake Breakfast Sandwich!

  Phone: 206-212-6953
e-mail: phil@cedarriverfoods.com