Our Pancake Sandwiches have a varierty of applicatons...

Coffee Shops & Stands: Increase your sales by offering your customers the ideal walk away - or drive away - breakfast sandwich.  It holds together perfectly, ending up in mouths, not laps! Paired with your favorite morning beverage, this new, unique, low calorie, great tasting sandwich is already making it's mark in local coffee stands!

Retail: Every home freezer should have a box of Ultimate Pancake Sandwiches in it. They are the ideal healthy breakfast that is ready in seconds, and a great "anytime" low calorie snack. See our " Where to find us" for a store near you.

Food Service: the perfect solution for large groups and mass feedings.  No prep time - just heat and serve!


Deli / Grab & Go: our sandwiches hold beatifully in warming trays or under heat lights.  They also microwave to order in about 30 seconds.


Vending: Individually wrapped, microwaveable sleeves make this an ideal addition to your machines. Your customers will love this delicious vending option that "isn't just for breakfast"!



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