Consumer Testing & Acceptance


  “We’ve been waiting for a product like this for 30 years”, says a lifelong food service professional
  “Perfect for deployed troops” says a U.S. Army Food Service Officer
  “I have never seen our students respond to any menu item, much less a healthy menu item, like they respond to the pancake sandwiches”, says a school district nutritionist.
  “Ultimate Pancake Sandwiches may be the only thing on our menu after we receive the 2011 nutritional requirements”, says a medical center nutritionist.
  “Finally, a delicious pancake product without the mess”, says the owner of a regional office coffee / vending distributor (and former president of NAMA)
  “When can I buy these in bulk at Costco?” asks a single mom.


 Jim McClure (Food Service Director, Camp Firwood)

"We started using the sausage, egg and cheese Pancake Sandwich as a new menu item at Camp Firwood  this year.  We place 40 pancake sandwiches onto a greased sheet pan and cover them with another sheet pan.  After thawing overnight on a speed rack, they bake up perfectly in about 15 minutes.  They also hold well uncovered in a warmer, when needed.  Kids of all ages have been overwhelmingly satisfied.  Excellent product and great customer service.  The Pancake Sandwich has quickly earned a permanent place on the menu."             

CRF has tested the Ultimate Pancake Sandwich extensively over the past 24 months. Some of these tests were:
 Real moms; CRF sampled 20 moms over 3 months with samples for their family. In every case, the feedback was incredible. Between test samples, moms knocked on our test facility door asking to buy more!

School children; CRF produced The Ultimate Pancakes for one of the largest school districts in Washington State over the course of a school year. The district nutritionist was the catalyst – she loved the fact that she had a healthy option for breakfast that the kids would actually eat. Ultimate Pancake Day was the favorite day for the food service professionals preparing meals at the schools. They are incredibly easy to prepare, with virtually no cleanup.


From Our Facebook Page ... 5/8/2012. "I recieved a big ol' bag of these, and im speachless...(only cuz i have 3 of them crammed into my mouth all at once) For those of you who say "oh i dont know".. They are good, but having to thaw them is a bit of a set back." Well, all im gonna say is i'm glad you have to. I thawed out 2 of them over night and cooked them both to try. After losing my "niblit virginity" with my first bite I literally shoveled the rest in and then pulled 4 more out to thaw for tomorrow. Don't think of it as "thawing" them, but rather think of it as "weight control" or "quantity control". I NEED MORE!!"

From My 5 year old granddaughter ... as she sits down to eat her morning pancake pockets. " Papa, why did you give me a napkim, pancake pockets don't make messes".


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