A: A totally unique breakfast sandwich – your favorite ingredients wrapped in a delicious pancake – to be enjoyed any time of the day!

Q: Are they good for me?
A: Our fat free cooking process and quality ingredients make The Ultimate Pancake Sandwich THE perfect choice anytime. 

  • Nutritionists are excited by them!
  • Our sandwiches meet or exceed government nutritional requirements for schools and hospitals. 
  • low in calories
  • low in sodium
  • very low in fat with no trans-fats 

Q: Are they easy to prepare?
A: YES! they are fully cooked – just heat and eat!

  • 30 seconds in your microwave provides your family with a hot, delicious, all natural breakfast.
  • Food Service Professionals appreciate them! They are the easiest item on the menu to serve.  No prep required and virtually no clean-up!
  • Shelf stable in your freezer – just grab and heat!

Q: Do they taste good?
A: Who doesn’t like pancakes…and sausage…and eggs…and real cheddar cheese?
Ultimate Pancake Sandwiches get eaten. What good is a healthy, convenient meal option if it ends up in the trash?  Ultimates are tested by kids, moms, and hungry people everywhere. 


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Pancake Breakfast Sandwich!

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